Marcin Wojciechowski

Register custom pre configuration to OOTB SP Web Parts

Disclaimer! I’m going to write about not documented, hence not supported functionalities. Used API can change at any point rendering below solution irrelevant. From lack of other solutions, this is as good as it gets. Let’s consider following scenario. You want to expose specific web part configuration as a separate web part in page editingContinue reading “Register custom pre configuration to OOTB SP Web Parts”

Client side caching strategy with function decorator

The caching problem In todays world caching data in Your app is critical. Especially with front end applications You want to reduce the number of calls to the server as much as possible. Mobile first approach puts only more weight on caching part of Your solution. Thanks to browser local and session storage, caching apiContinue reading “Client side caching strategy with function decorator”


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Coding enthusiast, TDD evangelist, OOP champion and SOLID proponent. Likes to code as well as talking about the code.
For fun, besides software development, plays guitar, basketball and video games. Enjoys cooking and learning.

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